Beyond EDFD459 – my fifth unit of study in my Bachelor of Education upgrade.

Five Key Learning Moments

An amazing unit of work which has helped me to grow, not only as a teacher but also as a person. There have been many great learning moments, so many that I found it hard to choose just five.

Liminal Space – to learn what this term means and to reflect on all the moments I may have been in a liminal space. Then to compare this to the refugees who are living in many different liminal spaces throughout their trauma and displacement from homes. This has been an eye opening learning experience and one that will stay with me for a long time. It has made me realise that my students may be going through this space every day and I need to be supportive and give them the skills needed to cope with their liminal space.
Online interaction – well I really stepped it up this semester and Adam really gave me the proverbial ‘kick up the..’ I needed. This is my 5th online unit and I feel I learnt even more this semester by really making a concerted effort to contribute, participate and help others out where I could.
Learning spaces and how they effect how a child learns- The investigation and moving away from the traditional to the future. The whole learning gained from this area of work has helped me in my own teaching. Helped me to think about how my teaching and facilitation of the curriculum can be hugely effected by the spaces I teach my children in.
Refugees and their educational needs- throughout this area of the unit I think I cried for 2 weeks! My husband even told me how depressing my PLN was and maybe I should pick it up and look at the positives, (my greatest critic). The research, reading, writing, reflections during this time about the refugee crisis, has helped me to truly learn about this crisis and to not make judgement. I have even managed to have some wonderful conversations with people online through the fora and outside of uni, about the plight of the refugees. I may have changed their minds, just a little and given them something to think about more deeply, in the hows and why we can help these people.
5. Vocaroo, prezi, emaze and other web 2.0 technology- some great new tools I have learnt for my ‘teacher toolbox’, some of which I have even used in the classroom and taught my own children to use.

Thank you everyone for your support throughout this unit. Your comments, discussions and reflections on my reflections have truly made me a better online learner and I feel I have gained so much.

Thank you Adam also, for your support, encouragement and challenges. I have enjoyed every part of the course and looking forward to EDFD460. I so wish I lived closer, so I could participate in your art unit. I miss my art so much.